Research activity

Between 1996 and 2004 she conducted research in the field of Material Science related to the laser treatment of surfaces in cooperation with the University of Miskolc[1] and the Bay Zoltán Public Nonprofit Applied Research Ltd.[2] under the guidance of the academician Roósz András[3]; part of the results of which can be found in her thesis, presented publicly in 2003, respectively in the publications of her continued research in the following years. She experimented the surface alloying of case-hardenable steel with different ceramic granules analyzing the effect of the different technical parameters on the formed surface layers. Harmonically combining experiments and simulation modeling she determined the necessary conditions and parameters for the efficient formation of surface layers and also for making it resistant to abrasion.

Also in the field of Material Science she researched between 2005 and 2011 at the University of Óbuda (Óbudai Egyetem)[4] and with the scientific guidance of Professor Réti Tamás[5] the topologic structure of cellular systems, their qualification based on numeric methods. The results were published in several quoted papers.

Within the framework of the National Excellence program in the last few years (2013-2015) she researched the laser processing of different biomaterials at the BME’s Material Science and Technology Department[6] in collaboration with chief scientist Dobránszky János[7] (MTA-BME Composite Technologies Research Team[8]) New scientific results were achieved in the laser marking of metals under liquid film and also the laser marking of polimer bio-composites.

These successful cooperations are mirrored by the awarding of the Memorial Medal of the University of Miskolc Mechanical Engineering Department (2010) and the Citizen of Honor of the University of Óbuda Bánki Donát Mechanical Engineering Department.

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