Educational activity

Between 1993 and 1999 she taught computer-based engineering and applied industrial informatics to engineers in the Tehnofrig factory and also in distance learning in the Gábor Dénes College’s (GDF) [1] Transylvanian Consulting Center (1996-2008).

She was a qualified tutor in distance learning for the GDF’s Center in Cluj-Napoca (taught courses: Java, Computer Assisted Design and Manufacturing (CAD/CAM), Computer Graphics, Internet Applications, Multimedia, Artificial Intelligence), during her 10 years long tenure she advised approximately 14 dissertations and was a referee for further 63 dissertations contributing thus to the formation of engineers and informaticians with university level training in Transylvania, the education of the next generation of professionals. In 2003 she was awarded the Gábor Dénes memorial medal for her educational activity.

Since 2007 she is an Associate Professor at the Sapientia University (Department of Technical and Human Sciences, Cathedra of Mechanical Engineering, Târgu Mureș) she teaches courses in the Engineering Material Science, Engineering Material Technology, respectively Modern Material Science. She also created and is the head of the Science of Materials and the History of Technique circles.

For the purposes of a high level technical education she created a series of Hungarian language professional volumes (Technical Science Papers – of which she is an editor) renewing it to also include in its volumes the new results of scientific research. These volumes are monographies that were hitherto missing from the sources available to those pursuing a master’s or a doctoral degree within the Hungarian technical schools. Of the 11 volumes that were published so far she authored or co-authored 6: Introduction to the Informatics for Materials Technology  (Bevezetés az anyagtechnológiák informatikájába, 2007).;  Surface Treatment by laser and Process Modeling (Lézeres felületkezelés és modellezés, 2007).;  Surface Treatment (Felületkezelés, 2009).; Welding Techniques I. Procedures and mechanization ( Hegesztéstechnika I.  Eljárások és gépesítés). Welding Techniques II. Equipment and measuring.( Hegesztéstechnika II. Berendezések és mérések, 2010)., Material Science laboratory I. ( Anyagtudományi laboratórium I., 2011) [2].

Six of the 11 volumes published thus far were the result of a cooperation with the University of  Óbuda,  Bánki Donát Department (co-author: Bagyinszki  Gyula, reviewers: Czinege Imre, Kovács Mihály and Réti Tamás), these are currently used by four different universities.

Also as a result of an inter-institutional collaboration a volume of lecture notes was published in 2013: The Metallurgical Fundamentals of Welding, Soldering and Thermal Cutting (A hegesztés, a forrasztás és a termikus vágás fémtechnológiai alapismeretei) [3].


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